Conference: Sustainable integration in the Nordic countries in the face of Covid-19: What are we learning?

17. november 2020

Nordic Co-operation on integration:

"2020 has brought collective challenges in the form of Covid-19 and its economic and social aftermath, revealing both challenges and opportunities in the field of integration. How can we continue to work for robust integration of immigrants and refugees in various spheres of society? Have the novel challenges of 2020 brought new knowledge that can enrich our approaches in the future? How are the national, civil society and local actors addressing the challenges and opportunities of immigrant integration in the Nordic countries?"

The Nordic Co-operation hosted a conference on 3rd November to discuss sustainable integration in the Nordic countries in the face of COVID-19.
Morten Sodemann, vice-president in SIS, held a session about health communication during COVID-19 based on experiences of health communication during previous health challenges such as Avian influenza, H1N1, HPV, HIV- and Tuberculosis-stigma.

Watch the sessions here:

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